Problems of a Large Family

There are a lot of problems in a large family. A large family comprises many members. So every member may not get a personal room in the house. There is always noise in the house. So the members who are engaged in studying may not get a congenial atmosphere in the house. Housewives have to do a lot of household chores & find no leisure time. Most of the large families face poverty. The junior members of such family are at beck & call of the seniors. The parents encounter problems to maintain such families.

Female Education

Once Napoleon said, give me an educated mother & I will give you an educated nation. This statement prove the importance of female education. In Bangladesh there are still some contradictory views about female education. Many illiterate parents think that educating their daughters is just wasting time & money, for they are soon married off and are of little help. But with all these beliefs people are coming forward to educate their daughters. It has taken a positive turn. Gender discrimination is the prime barrier on the way of female education. Illiteracy, fanaticism etc. are the reasons behind the barrier. Female education is of prime importance for the coordinated development of a country. Education enlightens our mind, develops our abilities & gives us the knowledge of health, sanitation & population control. In fact, neglecting the women folk no nation can develop. So, in order to achieve progress & prosperity, we must more emphasis on female education. But if it is insured, the picture of our country is sure to change. In addition, we ought to overcome the wrong attitude towards the female sex. If these can be done properly, our country is sure to move ahead with a positive sign of development.


Truthfulness is a quality of a human being. It’s a great virtue. The habit of speaking the truth is called truthfulness. Everybody respects a truthful person. A truthful individual is like a star in our society. Nowadays it is a rare quality. Truthfulness depends on firmness, sincerity & honesty of one’s character. Lying is the opposite of truthfulness. Everyone hates a liar. Truthfulness may not make us rich but it brings peace of mind. On the other hand, a liar may succeed for a short time by his dishonesty. She has no peace of mind. She can’t speak anything boldly. A liar is always timid. A Truthful man is bold & speak fearlessly. She is not afraid of anyone. She can speak against corruption & injustice strongly. If a lie is told she feels uneasy. Her mind becomes restless. She tries to reveal the truth. A truthful person becomes happy only when truth is established in the society. Everybody should try to acquire the quality of truthfulness.

Various Aspects of Brain Drain

Lured by the charms of developed countries bright boys & girls leave their poor native lands & go abroad & after finishing their higher studies some of them often settle there. Often export doctors, scientists & engineers go abroad & work there for fat salaries & better service conditions. This migration of skilled & experienced people from one country to another is called brain drain. Owing to this brain drain the home country becomes loser as it is deprived of the services of its skilled people. But if they work there for a limited period & send money to their native land then the country is benefited by getting foreign exchange. And if the intelligent & skilled people leave the country for good then the poor native land becomes poorer. But disregarding the lure of high salary & better living conditions some people stay home & work for the betterment of the motherland. They are the real patriots who can make a town or a country worth living.